About Me


Hello everyone,
I am Bige Gürsoy, 23 living in Istanbul and getting education in Bahcesehir University in the department of Sociology. This blog Caramélisée has been a really passion for me since I have opened it in the beginning of December, 2011. 

You can find my experiences with photos especially about the things I am passionate about; fashion, art, travel, social reponsibility projects... I think sincerity is so important in these issues, you can see it as the main characteristic of this blog. Moreover, I want to show that life is so good and we should find energy to do everything we love in our lives.  

You can find my blog story here

Inspire and Enjoy !         

Bige Gürsoy                                             



  1. One of the best fashion blogs I have ever seen!

  2. Anonymous10:17 PM

    it's really one of the best to point at infrastructure issues in Istanbul, especially the photo shooting parts


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