My Interview with Teknodonanım


Geçenlerde Teknodonanim'dan bana bir röportaj teklifi geldi. Başta teknoloji blogu gibi gözükse de asıl amaçladıkları insanların hayatlarında neyi ne için kullandıklarını göstermek ve ilham vermek. Röportajımı buradan okuyabilirsiniz, bu soruların cevaplarını siz de bir düşünürsünüz belki :) Ben çok keyif aldım.

I was asked to make an interview with Teknodonanim. It looks like technology blog, however it aims to show what people use to do what in their lives, it can demonstrate you some alternatives and new things to include in your life.
Here is my interview translated in English:

Who are you and what do you do?
I am Bige Gürsoy, I am the owner of Caramélisée fashion blog. I am a sociology student in Bahçesehir University. I am dealing with my final projects right now. My fashion blog has started for 1 and half year but I am interested in fashion for very long time. I am sharing my fashion experiences with people and I am always so excited about it. I aim to continue with social media and fashion, I have some projects about them in my mind.

What kind of equipment do you use?
My equipment for technology is just my Toshiba laptop. I am not a technology person, I couldnt adapt to Ipad so much. My photo camera is Panasonic Lumix, we are doing professional photo shoots with my boyfriends' Nikon D3100. Except for that, everything that inspires me constructs my equipment. Books, magazines, art, internet, music... Of course, I shouldnt forget my notebook, I always write what comes to my mind to not forget. I fill my time in traffic in Istanbul with writing creative ideas coming to my mind. Other than that, I write my outfits because I want to show my creativity while I am dressing with vintage and it needs creativity and inspiration. That notebook is where I put all my feelings and inspirations.
 What kind of software?
 I love to use Evernote ve sticky notes. When I am using laptop, I write everything to hem, what I am planning to do, songs I am listening... I use Picasa to put some dimension to my photos. It is so simple. Chrome is my preference, I use Gmail and Blogger for my blog. I use Facebook and Twitter more to promote my blog, they play really important role. For photo inspiration, Pinterest is really good, always creative. My phone is Blackberry, I dont have so much application anyway, I don think to change it until it is broken because otherwise I am afraid to lose myself in Internet :) 

What is your dream equipment and software?
Machine which can translate my thoughts just like I dream and feel into words. Sometimes I dream of reading peoples thoughts, I am so curious all their lives and pasts. Think about it, every individual has a different story but then it can become really complicated :)


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