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I found really interesting books about fashion when I was walking around our amazing library on sunday. For today, I will pick randomly 5 words and explain them form the Dictionary of Fashion Industry. 

Pazar günü, beş katlı muhteşem kütüphanemizi karıştırırken modayla ilgili çok ilginç kitaplar buldum. Bu yazımda, Dictionary of Fashion History kitabından rastgele seçtiğim 5 terimi seçip resmiyle beraber anlatacağım, ilginç olacak.

A-line (1955): One of three lines (H, A, Y) introduced by Christian Dior. It was the reworking of 1954 H-line. For example, A-line skirt is fitted at hips and widens towards the hem. It is also used for dresses and coats.


Cuirasse bodice (1874): Very long, tight day bodice, descending over hips. 'It moulds the figure of perfection'.


Grecian Bend (1815-1819 / 1868-1870): A fashionable stance consisting of forward stoopfrom the waist, the effect increased by a bustle. 


Le Smoking (1960): A dinner jacket or tuxedo suit for women introduced by French designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Pagoda Sleeve (1849-1860's): A sleeve with one seem inner side and cut so as to expand widely at the elbow. 



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